Class size update – October 18th, 2013

CBE posted its latest on class sizes yesterday.  The formal report will come in November. Here is the link:

This spring’s provincial cuts to school board funding have clearly had an impact on some of our schools.  In April in the provincial budget, CBE’s funding was cut in the following ways:

  1. ELL funding cut from five to seven years which meant a $5.3 million reduction;
  2. Loss of fuel price contingency funding for a reduction of $2.3 million;
  3. Clawback of $4.6 million of the administrative cap when CBE was already below the cap and spending those dollars in our classrooms;
  4. Plant operations weighted funding for students with severe disabilities removed;
  5. AISI funding completely eliminated;
  6. Equity of Opportunity funding decreased from $156 to $101 per student.

Here is the link to more budget information:

CBE’s budget directed as much funding as possible to classrooms to minimize the impact of these cuts on student learning. School boards need predictable, sustainable three year budget cycles to do long term planning to ensure that our students have the necessary resources and supports for the learning environment in which they learn best.

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